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Venture Capital Funds

If your company is currently:

  • seeking to capital to finance growth strategy
  • present in an innovative industry
  • a market leader that possesses a competitive advantage over the other companies
  • and the market you are targeting has a potential to multiple its size which will enable your company to increase the scale of its operations

Venture capital is aimed for medium and long term investments. Investments of this type are typically modern companies in their early stages of development, which operate in growing industries such as IT, biotechnology, telecommunications, internet, healthcare.

The venture capital investment

Following the purchase of shares in the company, VC funds begin the implementation of the precisely planned growth strategy. Funds representatives are not directly involved in the management of the company, but closely monitor the implementation of the strategy for example, through their representatives on the supervisory boards.

The final step in the investment process is the sale of shares in the company by the VC fund, usually to an industry investor or via an IPO. The period of the capital commitment in this type of business is usually between 3 and 5 years.

Characteristics of venture capital investors:

  • high required rate of return on investment,
  • preference of investment in early stages of development of high-tech sectors,
  • implementation of an aggressive growth strategy and growth of the company  in the course of the investment.

Benefits of working with Augeo Ventures as a consultant in the process of the venture capital fund investment

1. Favourable conditions

As an experienced consulting firm, we will help you find an investment partner within the VC sector,  properly present your company and the business opportunity as well as represent you in the negotiations of the investment terms.

2. Time savings

Our extensive business contacts, resulting from extensive experience, streamline the process of finding an investor, saving you time and money.

3. Knowledge of the private equity industry

Excellent knowledge of the specifics of working with VC fund enables us to negotiate effectively in the investment process, ensuring your company achievement of the desired objectives.

4. Strategic support

We will design the optimal financing structure, taking into account all the available options, and advise your company on how it can improve its market position.


The benefits for business owners with venture capital investments in their businesses

  1. Access to best management practice and business development strategy building.
  2. Expert knowledge of fund managers, whose members are usually specialized in specific market segments.
  3. Extensive international experience to consistently implement the strategy of dynamic development.
  4. Extensive contacts among related companies, banks, consulting firms and regulatory bodies.

If you are interested in financing by venture capital funds, or would like to learn more about funding opportunities for your company please contact us by filling out the contact form.

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