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Augeo Ventures team will help you in completing your merger projects

We advise on mergers of medium and large enterprises in the processes of vertical and horizontal integration.

Typical approach to merger projects

  1. Identification of merger partners
  2. Verification of owner interest in participating in the merger
  3. Development of strategic plans and financial terms of the transaction
  4. Negotiations of conversion ratios
  5. Preparation of contracts

5 reasons to work with Augeo Ventures in merger projects

  1. Strong relationships with a wide range of Polish and international investors
  2. Wide international experience
  3. High level of professionalism and competences of the team
  4. Highest ethical standards
  5. In-depth understanding of the key sectors of the economy

Benefits from working with Augeo Ventures in merger projects:

1. Higher potential value

We will take through the merger process with the aim to maximize the value of your business.

2. Complex assistance

We provide wide range of professional consulting services in each of the areas, that the merger process entails.

3. Full confidentiality of all the information and data

We will minimize the risk of disclosing the information about the company sales to competitors and employees, which could harm the relationship with customers and decrease employee morale.

4. Secure process of the company sale

Eliminate the risk of meeting with dishonest partners and guarantee compliance by the partner with their obligations.

5. Strategic input

We design strategic solutions after the transaction. Learn more about our management consulting services.

6. International perspective

We provide support in cross-border M&A transactions. Augeo Ventures is a member of Globalscope Partners - an international association of highly qualified corporate finance and business advisers.

Learn more about our support in the process of merger and ask our consultant about how we can help you!