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Warsaw Stock Exchange

IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange – fundamental issues:

  • the desire to attract external investors in order to dynamically grow your business;
  • the intention to sell the company, through a gradual sale of stocks.

Why should you consider  an IPO of your company?

An IPO is best suited for companies which:

  • need additional capital due to increased capital expenditures,
  • intend to attract investors, gaining not only capital, but also the recognition and visibility,
  • undergo ownership changes (exit from an investment by a financial investor, sale of the company).

Pros and cons of an IPO on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Advantages Disadvantages
+ an opportunity to raise capital  at a relatively low cost fixed costs related to the process of an IPO
+ objective, market valuation of a company high public pressure on the financial results of a company
+ prestige and recognition of a listed company modification of the company organisation structure
+ increased creditworthiness requirement of an extensive financial reporting
+ possibility to incentivize the management with stock options long term process

Ask our consultant and learn more about your company’s listing on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.