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Finding an Investor

Reasons to search for an investor:

If you:

  • have a compelling vision for growing your business
  • need an external investor in order to implement your development strategy
  • are having temporary financial difficulties, liquidity problems, issues with receivables collection

then, you will benefit from having an external investor in your company.

Augeo Ventures will assist you by finding a suitable investor and obtaining financing at the possible best terms.

As a member of Globalscope Partners we have access to international network of business contacts, which streamlines the flow of information between national markets and enables a comprehensive service.

The fundamental areas of investors’ interest:

Taking into consideration the capital involvement in a specific enterprise, investors pay close attention to:

  • company’s industry and market performance,
  • the competitiveness level of your company’s products and services
  • innovativeness
  • financial results
  • range of the products and services
  • growth potential
  • potential to generate cash flows in the future
  • development plans human capital and its potential
  • organizational structure
  • company’s capital structure
  • involvement of personnel managers
  • future exit prospects (typically in 3-5 years)

Ask our consultant and learn more about finding an investor for your!